We are Egoo


We are the Egoo Team, dedicated to, and driven by the quest to empower people with more accessible ways to understand their health, move beyond reactive care, towards a more proactive wellbeing. 

Everyday we focus all our time and effort, making biomarker testing devices more advanced, easier to use and accessible. Our work is aimed at giving you access, and convenience, like never before.

The know-how accumulated over the years, from our founders and now form the work we do today, is summarised in the Egoo.health platform and now ready to be used to improve and enhance a healthier life, by anyone, anywhere at anytime


Meet the team behind Egoo

Thomas farver 29.3.22.jpg

Thomas Warthoe


Kasper farver 29.3.22.jpg

Kasper Boel Rousøe


Peter farver 29.3.22.jpg

Peter Warthoe


Jakob farver 29.3.22.jpg

Jakob Broberg Lind

Director Sales

Maiken farver 29.3.22.jpg

Maiken Worsöe Rosenstierne

Director R&D

Thomas Bisgaard.png

Thomas Bisgaard

Program Director

Kristina farver 29.3.22.jpg

Kristina Christensen

Director QA/RA

Together we create the future


Egoo. Take action, own your health.

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