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Get your Egoo

The Egoo System is comprised of three parts; the Egoo Device, the Egoo Capsules and the Egoo Connect app. Get yours here. 


The Egoo Device

€795 Excl. VAT


10 x CRP capsules

€200 Excl. VAT

Subscription models

Keep getting Egoo

Make sure to never run out of Egoo Capsules with a subscription model. 


3 x CRP capsules monthly
+ voucher for the Egoo Device 

 €75 monthly Excl. VAT

Basic Subscription


20 x CRP capsules monthly

€300 monthly Excl. VAT

Advanced Subscription

The Egoo System

Need more information?

We get it, if you still don't get it. Even though the Egoo System is quite simple, it's also quite revolutionary.


Reach out below if you have questions about Egoo.  

Which Egoo Capsules are you interested in?

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