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Working with and for health practitioners.


Why Egoo?

Read the results on the Egoo app. 

Test patients' CRP levels directly at the clinic 

Accurate and reliable results within minutes

Decreased operational costs and more time for follow up

Enhance collaboration between you and your patients

Use same device for multiple tests - with more biomarkers to come

Egoo Vision

A lab on your desk.

Today's healthcare system is under pressure and preventive healthcare has never been more important.


The Egoo System allows health practitioners such as GP's, dieticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists and dentists to skip the lines and start preventive care earlier.

The Egoo System is a portable device that simplifies biomarker testing and allows health practitioners to monitor their patients' health.

Starting with CRP, and many other biomarkers in development, the Egoo System is transforming healthcare one test at a time.


The Egoo System

Your friendly advisor.

Egoo helps with fast and reliable diagnosis and treatment of your patients.


Get the same accuracy as clinical laboratory results and improved quality of care while saving time and operational costs. 

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The egoo system

How it works


Select relevant capsule and add patient's blood sample to the capsule.


Insert capsule in the Egoo Device and scan the barcode on the capsule.


Wait a few minutes for it to run the test and get the results on the Egoo Connect app. 


The Egoo System

The Egoo Device, Egoo Connect app, Egoo Collect and Egoo Capsules are the four components on the path towards a better treatment outcome.

A future-proof investment

What makes the Egoo System stand out is the ability to combine a a number of widely used measurement principles, which leads to great accuracy and flexibility. The system is designed to measure up to 80% of all known biomarkers making it a future-proof investment. 

Egoo Health is official ISO 13485:2016 certified since 2019.


Interested in Egoo for your clinic?

At Egoo Health, we are always looking for new partnership and distribution opportunities.


The Egoo System enables measurement and analysis of biomarkers quickly and efficiently. 

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