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Egoo. Empowering better being. 

Egoo Vision


Take action.

Egoo enables you to make better decisions for a better well-being.

The Egoo System provides clinical-grade biomarker data to actively measure health. In other words, Egoo allows you to act rather than just react and to enhance the collaboration between health practitioners and patients. 


The future of preventive healthcare.

Say hello to the future. With its unique biomarker measuring and self-testing system, the Egoo System allows you to take matters into your own hands.

The Egoo System is created for the future and for measuring a broad range of clinical biomarkers both at home and at the clinic. The measurements provide fast and reliable information about your health – from within the body and not just outside looking in. Enabling you to take the next steps towards a long and healthy life.

Egoo Vision

Working with and for
Health Practitioners

Egoo is every health practitioner's friendly advisor, and helps with fast and reliable diagnosis and treatment of your patients.


Get the same accuracy as clinical laboratory results and improved quality of care while saving time and operational costs. 

Lab-quality results in the comfort of your own home

Egoo enables you to make informed decisions and act on the state of your health, so you can take care of your body. 

With the Egoo System at hand, measuring and owning your health has never been easier more accessible. 


The Egoo System

Scandinavian technology and design.

The idea emerged 20 years ago, and ever since, the concept has been tried and tested. And the design optimised over and over again. 

The result is the Egoo System. Invented and produced in Scandinavia and made up by the Egoo Device, Egoo Connect app and Egoo Capsules. It's our vision that those three components will assist on the path towards a healthier life for you and your patients.

Egoo System

The Egoo Device

​The Egoo Device is what really makes Egoo system stand out from other home-testing devices on the market.​

It is easy to use and with the size of a coffee mug, it doesn't take up much space. And its sleek design makes it fit into the shelves of any home. 

Egoo Capsule

The Egoo Connect app

The Egoo Connect app controls the Egoo System. It runs the test flow and presents the test results in a simple and clear format. 

Egoo Connect is available for available for Android 12 and up. 

The Egoo Capsules

Every Egoo Capsule is tailored to test certain biomarkers and the range of capsules available will only continue to grow. 

The capsules make the Egoo System flexible and customisable for different needs - be that the everyday check-in at home or testing multiple patients during the day. 


Capsulex3Alpha_white background
Egoo App

Clear results in 3 steps




Select relevant capsule and apply sample to capsule.

Insert capsule in the Egoo Device and let it do its thing.

Read the results on the Egoo Connect app. 

Get Egoo
Egoo System Demonstration

Interested in working with Egoo?

At Egoo Health, we are always looking for new partnership and distribution opportunities.


The Egoo System enables measurement and analysis of biomarkers quickly and efficiently. 

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