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Better Being

Egoo. Take action, own your health.

Egoo is your friendly advisor, inspiring you to make decisions, for a better well-being.

Egoo provides you with clinical-grade biomarker data, to actively measure your health status, like never before. Our vision and goal has always been, to give you access to valuable information, for you to pursue and take charge of and protect your health, anywhere and at anytime.

Egoo Vision

Say Hello to
the future of Egoo

You will have access to our unique biomarker measuring and self-testing platform.
With the Egoo system, Egoo app and Egoo capsule, the path towards healthier living becomes an integrated part of your home and your routines. With the device right at your hand, measuring and owning your health, will be more easy and more accessible.

Act on your health

Egoo will enable you to make informed decisions and act on the state of your health, to improve well-being and take good and right care of your body.


Lab-quality results will be accessible in your home

Accurate and precise lab-quality testing in your home, delivered in an intuitive, simple and actionable format.

Self-testing is safe-testing

When it comes to your health, we put safety first. The Egoo system will be easy and safe to use, and your personal information will be, like at the doctors, for your eyes only. You will have complete control of your data and permissions, always leaving you in charge of your health.


The future of personal healthcare

The Egoo system and specifically the capsules are created for the future, allowing for measurement of a broad range of clinical biomarkers. The biomarker measurement will give you the necessary information to actively follow your specific health concern. Enabling you take personal healthcare to a whole new level.

Egoo System

The Egoo System

The Egoo, is what really makes Egoo system so different from other home-testing devices on the market.

It’s danish design and it's handcrafted. It is easy to use and with the size of a coffee mug, it doesn't take up much space. But most importantly, it gives you lab-quality results. Wherever and whenever you need it¹.

Egoo App

The Egoo App

The Egoo App will provide you with personal data, presented in a simple and clear format.


Run your own labs

Egoo let's you run personal lab-quality testing and diagnostics. Just follow the 4 steps.


Select the relevant capsule


Apply sample to the capsule


Insert capsule and let the Egoo system do it’s thing


Read the results on your app

The Egoo Capsule

Every Egoo capsule is tailored to test certain biomarkers. The range of capsules, will serve different needs and purposes, making the Egoo system useful for everything from an everyday check in, to support everyone, in need of an accurate biomarker result once in a while.

Egoo Capsule
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Only Egoo SARS-CoV-2 capsule is available in EU for professional use only at this moment.

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