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Egoo. Empowering better being. 

Egoo Vision

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Hospital at home.

Egoo enables informed treatment decisions in a hospital-at-home setting.

The Egoo System provides clinical-grade biomarker data for patients to measure their own blood values during a home admission.

In other words, Egoo allows patients to collaborate with healthcare providers from home, enabling efficient hospital admissions and savings for healthcare systems.

Future of hospital at home.

The future relies on simplicity. With its easy-to-use sampling and self-testing system, the Egoo System aids hospitals to safely let patients do their own blood work, getting rapid results at the same clinical relevance as laboratory performance.

The Egoo System is created with patients in focus and to measure biomarkers for a broad range of diseases both at home and at the clinic. The measurements provide fast and reliable information about disease status – providing hospital staff more time to treat patients when the patient does their own testing.


Egoo Health's mission is to aid hospitals in taking the next steps towards admitting patients at home, decreasing unavoidable use of hospital beds, and freeing up resources for core and acute treatment.

Egoo Vision

New opportunities in healthcare

With patients generating lab-quality blood results at-home, Egoo opens for new and efficient treatment setups. Patient involvement can lead to shorter admissions, now with the opportunity for more patient contact during remote treatment. 

With patients becoming an integral part of their journey back to health, we believe Egoo can enable trust and quality of life while saving time and operational costs.

Lab-quality results elevates safety in home treatment

Egoo enables patients remotely to pass on valuable biomarker data to hospital staff to make informed decisions and safely treat patients in a home admission.

Hospital at home is many things, whether it is during observation after acute treatment, management of chronic or rare diseases, clinical-grade blood results are an important enabler.

Empowering Better Being.

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The Egoo System

Scandinavian technology and design.

The idea emerged 20 years ago, and ever since, the design has been optimised to seamlessly fit into patients' homes while not compromising on quality of results.

The result is the Egoo System. Invented and produced in Scandinavia and made up of the Egoo Device, Egoo Collect, Egoo Capsules, and Egoo Connect app. It's our vision that those four components will assist the path to an efficient health journey for patients admitted at-home.

Egoo System

The Egoo Device

​The Egoo Device is what really makes the Egoo system stand out from other diagnostic devices on the market.​

It is easy to set up and has the size of a coffee mug, but still have incorporated multiple measurement principles to analyse multiple biomarkers at clinical-grade. And it is portable and easy to bring home by patients.

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Egoo Capsule

Upcoming biomarkers short-term include CRP, HbA1c, Vitamin D, LIPIDS, PCT, D-Dimer & nt-proBNP. 

The Egoo Capsule & Collect

Every Egoo Capsule contains clinical chemistry for specific biomarkers to measure disease status. Each capsule measures different biomarkers with precision.


The Egoo Collect is a state-of-the-art blood sampler. After applying blood, it filters whole blood to plasma without a centrifuge.

It is developed for simplicity, making the system easy to use for patients and increasing the accuracy of blood analysis.

The Egoo Capsule & Collect comes together as a test kit.

The Egoo Connect app

The Egoo Connect app controls the Egoo System. It runs the test flow and presents the test results in a simple and straightforward format. 

Egoo Connect turns the Egoo System into Internet of Things, connecting to the Egoo Device with Bluetooth and making connectivity to healthcare platforms and cloud a reality.

Egoo Connect is available for available as beta app on iOS and for Android 12 and up.

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Egoo App

Clear results in 3 steps




Select relevant capsule and apply sample to capsule.

Insert capsule in the Egoo Device and let it do its thing.

Read the results on the Egoo Connect app. 

Egoo System Demonstration

Interested in working with Egoo?

At Egoo Health, we are always looking for new partnership and distribution opportunities.


The Egoo System enables measurement and analysis of biomarkers quickly and efficiently. 

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