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Supply Chain Specialist

Qlife now offers an opportunity for a Supply Chain Specialist to help bring the Egoo system to the market.


Qlife is a small start-up company born to challenge the status quo in healthcare. We are on a quest to empower people with more accessible ways to understand their health - so that they can move beyond reactive care towards proactive wellbeing. Egoo Health is bringing our vision to life, with a product platform that enables advanced biomarker testing, an easy-to-use device and accessibility to everyone, anywhere. The aim is to give people access to important health data at clinical-grade level - something that has never been possible like this before. The Egoo system is an integrated platform, consisting of a small device, disposable capsules and the supplementing software - a system that can be used at home or at point of care. Each capsule contains a test for a specific biomarker.

Sounds interesting? Then come and join Qlife!

About The Team

Qlife is growing and looking for a new colleague to join our dedicated team. At Qlife we are working in an innovative and creative environment where we, together, want to make an impact towards our long term goal of giving people access to safe and validated biomarker data at home. You will become a part of a workplace, where your work helps make a difference for the people who use our product. As a team we focus on creating a motivating environment within and across projects - and last but not least having fun along the way.

The Process

The application deadline is January 9th, but don’t hesitate to apply for this job, as we will review candidates and call for interviews along the way. Please attach your application and CV as soon as possible to: We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions about the position, please contact Maiken W. Rosenstierne


We want you to become one of Qlife´s go-to persons within supply chain, procurement, stock and shipment and we want you to drive continuous improvements on the supply chain processes. The main focus will be working with procuring of components for our Egoo system which include both hardware, software, chemistry meaning that you will work within the field of a wide range of plastic-, metal- and chemistry suppliers. You will also support sales and production with shipment of products to customers (national and international). In our compact yet diverse workplace, characterized by varied personalities and agendas, adept stakeholder management skills are crucial to effectively convey the necessity of processes and ensure understanding among colleagues.


Expect to work with the following tasks:

  • Strategic Planning: Develop and implement comprehensive supply chain strategies aligned with organizational goals, integrating strategic planning, procurement, and production oversight to ensure meeting the demand.

  • Inventory Management: Implement robust inventory management practices, ensuring optimal stock levels and alignment with audit requirements on both a quarterly and ongoing basis.

  • Procurement and sourcing: Facilitate end-to-end procurement processes, from obtaining quotes to ensuring timely delivery of materials.

  • Distribution: Manage the seamless distribution of our products to ensure timely delivery to customers and from suppliers. Oversee freight operations, managing HS codes, customs procedures, and pro forma invoices to optimize distribution processes.

  • Planning and executing: Administer and maintain our ERP-system (Microsoft Dynamics), aligning it with real-world operations. This includes managing inventory, controlling the BOM, updating supplier and customer records.


Education background (BSc. or MSc. in engineering or economics and business administration, HD in Supply Chain Management) within the field of supply chain and operations or similar is preferred.

Experience working with Chinese supplier is a plus. Moreover, the following personal skills increases the chances of success in the job:

  • Able to work independently and take ownership of the tasks and processes.

  • Thriving by solving complex problems and understand the importance of well-structured supply chain.

  • A well-founded understanding of supply chain and shipment.

  • Stakeholder management.

  • Experience with Business Central is a plus.

  • Ability to successfully work with multiple projects simultaneously.

  • An analytical and results-oriented mentality.

  • Experience with documentation within the medical device industry.

What we offer the right candidate

  • A challenging and dynamic work environment at Qlife placed in Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

  • We aim to create a motivating and flexible work environment.

  • A job in a medical device company - where you can help make a difference for the people who will use our product.

  • An option to help shape the company.

  • A workplace with fantastic colleagues

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