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Egoo PHE Capsule is an in vitro diagnostic test designed to quantitatively determine the level of phenylalanine in capillary whole blood. The test is intended for use together with the Egoo Home System or Egoo Professional System for use at home or in point-of-care settings.

PHE Capsule

€ 99,00Price
  • 1. Use a finger stick to puncture the finger and collect blood with the pipette provided together with the capsule.

    2. Fill the pipette with blood up until the end of the capillary.

    3. Then transfer the blood to the capsule blood inlet - place the blood onto the white membrane in the blood inlet.

    4. Close the capsule lid and place the capsule into the device drawer. Then close the drawer; after closing the drawer the measurement starts automatically.The results is provided on your smart phone in 90-120 minutes.

    For more details, please refer to the Egoo Quick Guide or Instruction for Use.

  • If the product in any way do not live up to expectations you will get a full refund or replacement of the capsules.