Egoo.Health and Capital Region of Denmark enter collaboration on home monitoring of cancer patients

28. June 2019 - for immediate release

The Danish medtech company Egoo.Health enters a collaboration with Herlev Hospital, where the pharmaceutical company Roche Pharma and the Innovative Procurement & Strategic Partnerships Department of the Capital Region of Denmark already work together to create improved patient care for a particular group of kidney cancer patients.

Egoo.Health has as the first company in the world developed a personal-diagnostics platform that allows self-test at home for a wide range of clinical biomarkers.

The Egoo.Health platform, that recently, received investment from KMD Ventures and PreSeed Ventures, will be used to provide biomarker information related to the specific cancer treatment and medication.

The new private-public innovation project between Egoo.Health and the Capital Region of Denmark runs over a period of three years and will take place at Herlev Hospital. The focus of the collaboration will not just be about new technology, but to assess and evaluate the total patient journey over time - including the patient's own experience using this new technology. With the Egoo.Health platform data is collected directly from the home and sent into a clinical decision portal where the oncologist can access the data and use it to optimize the treatment.

According to Lars Dahl Allerup, Head of Innovative Procurement & Strategic Partnerships at the Capital Region of Denmark, he believes the Danish health industry with this project has a unique opportunity to strengthen the position as an international frontrunner in combining personalized diagnostics with personalized medicine, which can both strengthen the Danish life-science start-up environment as well as attract more investments to Denmark.

"If we can give the clinicians new innovative tools to choose most beneficial treatment while at the same time the clinicians can watch over, closely follow and decide what provides the individual patient the best quality of life during treatment, we have come a long way” says Lars Dahl Allerup.

The collaboration between the parties have the overall goal to use technology, which in a completely new way can monitor efficacy of personalized medicine and reduce the side effects of the treatment. This is the rationale behind the project - a Public-Privat Innovation Project - where the goal is to examine how to ensure a special group of cancer patients a faster and safer medical investigation and treatment as well as better patient care.

Chief Physcian and Head of Radiotherapy, Department of Oncology, Herlev Hospital, Poul Geertsen says: "The combination of home monitoring of clinical biomarkers combined with patient reported outcomes measures we expect to have a positive effect related to the overall combined treatment of the patients and any possible side effects. We look forward to implement the Egoo platform".

Our platform is about creating value for the individual patient by linking personalized diagnostics with personalized medicine. The two concepts go hand-in-hand and are each other's prerequisite to create a continuous personalized treatment. The Egoo.Health platform is able to measure whether the treatment is effective or not; the effect of the medicine and treatment becomes measurable in a whole new way, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Egoo.Health.

"It is a stamp of quality for Egoo.Health's many years of development work, to enter into a collaboration with a mature innovative health partner such as the Capital Region of Denmark at Herlev Hospital with such an ambitious goal for a group of highly vulnerable patients. We expect that the collaboration can prove the value of our personalized-diagnostics platform for the benefit and improvement for each individual patient's treatment "ends Thomas Warthoe.


Egoo is a medical platform that make it easy and inexpensive to analyze whole blood biomarkers at home. The user performs the analysis on a small device and subsequently gets the test result directly on their smartphone, where it is presented and compared to historical test results and other relevant data. A distinctive feature of the Egoo platform is that it combines several widespread analytical measurement principles, which provides the platform with versatility, flexibility and accuracy. In 2019 the company obtained the ISO 13485:2016 certification for their technology and quality management system. They thus live up to all requirements for manufacturing and selling optical electromechanical in-vitro diagnostic analyzers and reagents. The platform is designed to measure up to 80% of all known biomarkers in whole blood. Currently, Egoo is used for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and inflammatory diseases. Read more at

Contact information, CEO Thomas Warthoe,, mobil (+45) 21 63 35 34

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