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Egoo Events

Dive into the events & congresses where Egoo Health will participate.

Portlaoise Ireland - 15-16 Sept

Your Gut Instinct: A Functional Approach

Your Gut Instincts: A Functional Approach will showcase cutting-edge knowledge on gut health from a panel of industry-leading nutritional therapists who specialise in the digestive system.

Renowned specialists, and visionary pioneers in functional health will take the stage at the Your Gut Instincts: A Functional Approach. Their expertise and invaluable insights will equip you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of gut health and discover practical solutions for optimal well-being.

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London, UK - 13 and 14 October 

Microbiome, Gut and Systemic Health: New Frontiers in Personalised Nutrition

NMI Summit 2023 Microbiome, Gut and Systemic Health: New Frontiers in Personalised Nutrition will provide you with new insights into nutritional therapies that can improve function and health outcomes in a highly personalised way, from gastrointestinal to whole person health.

This conference features 12 presentations from world-leading researchers, scientists, and clinicians, along with exhibitions from leading brands in the field of personalised nutrition.


Birmingham, UK - 15-16 Oct

The Pharmacy Show 

The Pharmacy Show is the major gathering for the Pharmacy Professionals of the sector for over a decade. This event will champion the Pharmacy Profession and invites all Pharmacy Professionals to come together for two days of education, networking opportunities and of course, fun! Nowhere else can Pharmacies in the UK find inspiration and insight to tackle the biggest challenges whilst finding new ideas to help them survive and thrive. 

Attracting over 9,200 Pharmacy Professionals across two days in 2019, it is the perfect opportunity to get in front of thousands of pharmacy owners, wholesalers, buyers, distributors and decision-makers, in a dedicated trade environment.

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