Qlife is since september 2019 participating in a trial at Herlev Hospital

in Denmark, where kidney cancer patients are using the Egoo Health System for weekly self-testing with capsules for Hemoglobin, CRP, ALAT and the drug they are being treated with.


The data is instantaneously transferred into the hospital system, where it is analyzed and monitored by the patient’s physician.


"We want to provide doctors with a new tool for selecting the most beneficial treatment based on immediate biomarker status, along with an ability to continuously monitor specific conditions so that they can make decisions that give each individual patient the best quality of life during treatment. If we succeed with that, we will have made a very significant contribution to society. That’s our vision."

Thomas Warthoe, CEO & Co-founder



Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Unless it is treated promptly and correctly, the outcome can be fatal. Most people know someone who has had, or currently is, suffering from cancer. It is a leading cause of death, worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization (source: GLOBOCAN 2018) there were a total of

4,229,662 new cases of cancer in Europe in 2018 (both genders) and the number of deaths was

a staggering 12,132,287.


Two decades of data from the Nordcan project, which tracks prevalence and mortality statistics of 50 major cancers in the Nordic countries, show that Denmark is at the bottom of almost every significant category. Roughly one out of three Danes will experience som type of cancer in their lifetimes and only roughly 60 percent will survive for more than five years after their diagnosis. 

According to the Swedish Cancer Register, founded in 1958 and covering the entire population, approximately 50,000 malignant cancer cases are registered every year in Sweden.


Cancer patients must undergo a great deal of testing on relevant biomarkers. Frequent trips

to the hospital can be both stressful and a strain on their health, even if the purpose of such trips

is to help them get better. With the Egoo Health System, cancer patients can perform many of the tests from the comfort of their own home, lowering the burden on them and hopefully

even improving treatment such that they can recover faster.



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