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EgooCollect is a disposable filtration unit able to filtrate plasma from whole blood. 

The EgooCollect consists of a small filtering unit where a drop of blood is collected and filtered inside the unit. A certain amount of plasma is then transferred to a detachable collector that is detached from the EgooCollect unit and inserted into the test capsule of the Egoo platform. The capsule is then inserted into the Egoo device and test results produced. 

EgooCollect makes the Egoo platform more competitive - in terms of use in decentralized settings. As of today, we are not aware of a similar or as powerful filtration unit for point-of-care platforms that target a variety of biomarker tests. By incorporating this technology in future biomarker tests

EgooCollect will be an integral feature of the Egoo platform, and as such included in the regulatory process of each test that requires plasma filtration.

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